Nutrition and Hydration

Malnutrition is recognised as a growing concern within the UK. It is also recognised that malnutrition is often cyclical; malnourished people are likely to become unwell, which then often leads to malnutrition. It has been estimated that the annual cost of malnutrition to the NHS is £13 billion (BAPEN, 2009)

Understanding the importance of Nutrition and Hydration is of great significance and cannot be underestimated; especially to those who care for vulnerable individuals. Every year a significant number of people are made ill or even die as a direct result of malnutrition and associated disease. Healthcare providers have both a legal and moral obligation to make certain that they are not contributing to these statistics by ensuring their staff are correctly and effectively trained.

Our Nutrition and Hydration course will help organisations to comply with requirements in this area. It will give candidates an improved understanding of the causes of poor nutrition and hydration. This course also looks at malnutrition screening tools such as ‘MUST’, which will enable candidates to identify malnutrition, but this course will ultimately provide learners with understanding on how to prevent it and equip them with the knowledge and awareness to actively promote good nutrition and hydration within their organisation.

Our nutrition and Hydration course has been specifically designed and developed to comply with Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) learning outcomes.
Duration of course: 1 day

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