Food Safety E-Learning Courses

CaterSafe Consultants offer a range of high-quality, accredited eLearning courses in Food Safety,  for the Catering, Manufacturing and Retail sectors. Our eLearning courses have been approved and accredited by RoSpA.

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The Law

All Food handlers and their employers, along with their moral obligations, have a legal duty to manage food safety; which are laid out by a number of UK and EU laws, which state that all food handlers must ensure that food which is prepared, cooked, served and / offered for retail sale, is safe for human consumption.


Failing to follow high standards of food safety can cause food to become contaminated, resulting in potentially fatal consequences.

The solution

CaterSafe Consultants offer a range of media-rich, professional, high-quality, accredited online, eLearning courses in Food Safety for the Catering, Manufacturing and Retail sectors at both level 1 and level 2. Our online Food Safety eLearning courses have been specifically designed by experienced food industry and educational professionals and are approved and accredited by RoSPA.

Training your employees using our online Food Safety courses, will give your staff a greater awareness of food safety, as well as the awareness and understanding on how food safety risks occur, and how to control and prevent them.

CaterSafe Consultants online eLearning Food Safety Training Courses, RoSPA accredited, in Catering, Manufacturing and Retail from only £15
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CaterSafe Consultants’ Food Safety eLearning courses have proved to be a convenient and cost effective alternative to formal ‘classroom’ based training. Our online interactive Food Safety eLearning courses are clear, concise and designed to cater for various learning styles and preferences; using a variety of teaching and learning methods which combine interactive video, audio, colourful visual images and written text, thus engaging any type of learner. These courses are ideal for both small businesses and larger organisations alike. Our Food Safety eLearning courses can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ qualification, but alternatively can be used as part of an organisation’s induction training programme for new members of staff, refresher training or even to supplement the existing training and knowledge of current employees. Some of the benefits of our online Food Safety eLearning courses include:

          • Learners can learn at their own individual pace
          • Our courses can be undertaken anywhere and at any time
          • Value for money
          • Compliance with Food Safety legislation
          • Tailored to each specific food industry sector (Catering, Manufacturing and Retail)
          • No need to travel – reducing time away from the workplace
          • High quality, professional, media-rich and engaging content
          • An effective, convenient and flexible way to learn
          • Approved and accredited by RoSP
          • Automated certification
          • Less impact upon the environment

We also offer discounts for bulk orders and bookings on all of our online eLearning Food Safety courses. Please sign up today for a no obligation free trial, or please contact us to discuss your specific training requirements.

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*Please note that candidates are entitled to a full refund on any of our eLearning courses within 14 days of purchase, providing that they have not already logged in to the course.