CIEH Training Courses


CIEHCaterSafe Consultants are an approved Centre by The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), and we offer a range of CIEH qualifications in food safety and other subject areas.

The CIEH is a registered charity and a well-established awarding body; serving as the professional voice and champion for environmental health. The CIEH, over a number of years, have set standards for the development of Environmental Health Practitioners to engaging with Governments, and have been at the forefront of environmental Health for over 130 years. The CIEH’s history goes back as early as the 1840s, when the social reformer Sir Edwin Chadwick, (whose grandfather was a close friend of John Wesley) directed an inquiry into the causes of poverty. This study concluded that people often became poor due to ill health because of an unhygienic environment.  Chadwick firmly believed that improving sanitation was the key to breaking this vicious cycle. The motto of the CIEH to this day is ‘Amicus Humani Generis’ which when translated from Latin into English, literally means ‘Friend of the Human Race.’ Chadwick’s campaigning led to the Public Health Act of 1848. Following on from this, The Association of Public Sanitary Inspectors was established in 1883. This organisation would later become the CIEH. .

Today, the CIEH is both a nationally and internationally recognised and highly respected Awarding Body, which will add a certain amount of gravitas to your qualification. The CIEH is well-known for its quality, flexibility, expertise, and one of the most influential voices on public health and safety. The CIEH are committed to providing courses and qualifications which are innovative and meet the highest possible professional standards.

Spring 2017 marked the launch of CIEH’s brand new work-based learning programmes, something they are calling ‘Partners in Professionalism’.

CaterSafe offer CIEH qualifications over a range of subject areas, and at all levels. These range from basic induction level, through to advanced qualifications at level 4. All of our CIEH course can be delivered in a flexible manner. As such, all of our CIEH training courses can be tailored to the requirements of you business and catered to your specific needs.

As with all the Awarding Bodies which CaterSafe choose to use, The CIEH have in place rigorous assessment requirements and very high standards of quality assurance (both external and internal). As an approved CIEH centre, CaterSafe welcomes this robust level of quality assurance as it gives us  confidence and peace of mind; ensuring consistency, fairness, reliability and excellence.


For more details about our CIEH courses, or to find a specific CIEH course which suits your needs or best helps your business, please contact a member of our training team today.