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Food Allergy Awareness Week 13th-19th May 2018

Food allergy awareness week

Did you know that someone in the world is admitted to hospital every three seconds because of a food allergy reaction?  Furthermore, 20% of the UK population suffer effects by at least one allergy. Alarmingly, 44% of British adults suffer from an allergy and is continuing to rise.  Food Allergy Awareness Week begins on the 13th May 2018 to highlight the dangers of food allergies.

Food Allergy Awareness Week is here to help raise awareness of the difficulties that food allergy sufferers face and helps to educate individuals on what to do should an allergic reaction take place. Of course, the primary goal of Food Allergy Awareness week is to highlight the issue and reduce the number of problems and accidents from food allergies. For more people to have an awareness, it increases the amount of support allergy sufferers have. It also helps to prevent food allergy accidents from occurring.

Why Food Allergy Awareness Week is important to the food industry

When food products are contaminated or incorrectly label their ingredients, it can be fatal for food allergy sufferers. For the business, there are 14 allergens which legislation controls. By law, food industries need to highlight and include any allergens on the list of ingredients. Food companies must clearly indicate the allergens. Many companies will choose to highlight allergens in bold for the ease of the customers.

If allergens do not have a label, then liability can arise. Companies may suffer as a law of negligence or under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

Food allergy awareness training with Catersafe Consultants

Catersafe Consultants offer an insightful food allergen awareness online training. The course covers the 14 allergens that legislation controls. The training also explains the symptoms of food allergies and what can trigger them. This is an ideal course for those in the catering industry. Furthermore, Food Allergy Awareness Week is a perfect time to make sure your team stay compliant and increase their awareness. Sign up for the course here or discuss your training requirements by calling 01233 822 201.