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Food Hygiene Consultant Kent

Food Hygiene Consultant Kent

Whether you are starting a new food business or have been running one for many years; it is always essential to refresh yourself with the latest food hygiene knowledge. One of the best ways to make sure your business in Kent is following best practice approaches to food safety is by employing a food hygiene consultant Kent. At CaterSafe, we offer food hygiene consultant Kent for training, strategies and audits.

One of the ways a food hygiene consultant can help you is by developing a food hygiene plan. Here are some of the tops tips from a food hygiene consultant Kent on how to prepare your business for food safety.

Top Tips From A Food Hygiene Consultant Kent

  1. Get to know your hazards

Every food business will have their unique hazards. It is essential to get to know all of the hazards in your organisation and how to control them. For this, training in HACCP is critical, so you know what to look out for. Secondly, it is useful to have a fresh pair of eyes to overlook your production line and processes just in case there is a hazard you have missed.

  1. Don’t stress

Food safety is important, but it shouldn’t be something to fear. Outshine your competitors by putting a focus on food hygiene and make it fun for your team. After all, audits and inspections are to help your business. These checks can help to improve your standards which strengthen your organisation.

  1. It’s a team effort

Food safety isn’t just a responsibility for you or your food hygiene consultant Kent. It should be a role for your whole team. Ensure everyone receives food hygiene training and make sure it becomes a key component of everything you do, not just a burden when it is time for an inspection.

Looking for a food hygiene consultant Kent?

If you are looking for support for your food business, CaterSafe Consultants can help. Our team can provide training, inspections and food hygiene plans to help your business succeed. Find out more with a free consultation. Call or email the team to arrange your appointment.