Food Safety Auditing with CaterSafe Consultants

One of the best ways to have a comprehensive overview of your food business, hygiene and food safety management is through conducting regular auditing. CaterSafe Audits can help you to continually improve your business and ensure you are always following best practice approaches.

What Is Auditing?

Auditing plays a vital role in the food industry. It helps to ensure compliance as well as seek out any problems and highlight good practices. Audits can also help to provide the necessary documentation and due diligence. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to Environment Health Officer inspections.

How CaterSafe Auditing Can Help

Our audits can help with;

  • Showing your commitment to improving food safety and quality
  • Providing a fresh pair of eyes from an inspector’s perspective
  • Problem-solving for food safety issues or inspector remarks
  • Independent verification of food quality
  • Obtaining maximum score for the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme
  • Potential marketing opportunities.