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Food Safety Consultants Kent

Food Safety Consultants Kent

For any food business, reputation is critical. Just negative comment on a review site or one person attributing their illness to your food hygiene can be devastating for your food business. Consumers need to be confident in their food choices and trust your business. One of the ways you can help your business and your customers is to utilise food safety consultants Kent.

Why Use Food Safety Consultants Kent?

With experience in many kitchens and manufacturing environments, food safety consultants have seen it all. While you may think you have your food hygiene under control, food safety consultants can help you by offering a fresh pair of eyes. They may notice something you haven’t yet considered.

Furthermore, they can provide hints and tips from their experience of working with similar organisations.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Food Safety Consultants Kent?

  1. Reduce Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

Consultants can help to reduce the risk of illness from your produce and kitchens by monitoring your production facility. As a result, food safety consultants can recommend the best practice approach to minimise foodborne illness outbreaks. Furthermore, they can organise unannounced inspections to ensure your standards are always upheld.

  1. Reduce Recalls

Incorrect labelling can be a costly mistake and a huge waste of resources. Consultants will be able to assess any areas that are vulnerable to cross-contamination. Furthermore, they can help advise on labelling practices too. As a result, this can make sure that your business is always protected and covered for all possible allergens for the safety of your customers and reputation of your business.

  1. Trustworthiness

Having accredited food safety consultants Kent assess your business can be a feature to include in your marketing materials. Furthermore, using third-party consultants will be seen as trustworthy by your consumers and the media too. Consequently, you can display your results proudly on your website for additional peace of mind for your clients.

Looking For Food Safety Consultants Kent?

If you want to improve your food hygiene standards and follow best practice approaches, get in touch with CaterSafe Consultants for a free consultation by calling 01233 822 201.