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HACCP training courses in UK

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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a popular, methodical and effective way to manage food safety. In 2006, a new regulation was passed that all food and beverage businesses must have a food safety management system in place. Furthermore, the system must base itself on HACCP principles. As well as this, food businesses must keep up to date records of its operations.

CaterSafe Consultants can help to bring your business up to speed with HACCP through a range of HACCP training courses delivered in-house or externally. We also offer a comprehensive Introduction To HACCP Level Two online e-learning course. This course is ideal for food businesses as it allows delegates to complete the course at a convenient time without lowering productivity or impacting production.


What is HACCP?

HACCP was originally a food safety system developed by NASA. NASA pioneered

HACCP training courses

 the system for increased food safety during the space race. Since then, it has evolved, and many businesses in the food and beverage industry utilise its principles. In 2006, The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006, as well as the equivalent regulations in the rest of the UK, simplified the legislation to align with HACCP principles.

HACCP principles have certainly made it easier for businesses to implement a food safety management system. However, it is vital that companies within the food industry can prove due diligence and conformance to HACCP. Complying with a HACCP strategy can lower the risk of a serious incident and can help you legally if something goes wrong.

During visits and inspections, the Environmental Health Officer is likely to ask to see your HACCP plan incorporated in your food safety management system. If you fail to comply, then you may face a fine. As well as this, you may face the prospect of closure either temporarily or permanently. With this in mind, HACCP and HACCP training courses are critical to your business success and profitability.


How can HACCP Training courses help?

HACCP is essential to your food safety management system. As a result, it is vital that your team has full knowledge of HACCP and how to implement it successfully in your organisation. HACCP training courses will begin by introducing the key terminology and aspects of HACCP.

With foundations in place, training can then focus on how to identify hazards. This then leads to understanding the appropriate critical control points you need in place. Hazard analysis and critical control identification can then ensure full compliance and a high standard of food safety.

CaterSafe Consultants recommend the Introduction To HACCP Level Two course to all teams who interact with food during their work. This comprehensive e-learning course allows people to learn at their own pace and at a convenient time. Furthermore, it makes it easy to train new employees as soon as they begin work. This takes away the stress and difficulty of organising regular training sessions.

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