Online HACCP Training UK

Online HACCP Training UK

Online HACCP Training UK is one of the easiest and effective ways to prepare staff for the workplace and compliance with a HACCP system. HACCP, short for hazard analysis critical control point, is an excellent way to manage food safety for all businesses in the food industry. At CaterSafe Consultants, we make it easy for your employees to understand HACCP with our cost-effective online HACCP training UK.

Cost-Effective Online HACCP Training UK

For just £35 per licence, your employees can receive a detailed and thorough introduction to HACCP. The course is around 80 minutes long and covers all aspects of HACCP. Firstly, the course will cover the key terms and definitions you need to know. The learning then moves onto understanding more about critical control points including how to identify and analyse them.

Our Introduction To HACCP Level 2 online course then covers how to implement control measures and avoid issues such as cross-contamination. Furthermore, the course will then discuss the best practice approaches for addressing problems when there is a breach of a critical limit. With 80 minutes of information, your team can have a thorough and encompassing understanding of HACCP and food safety management.

The Benefits Of Online HACCP Training UK

  1. Minimise loss of productive time

Being able to undertake this course at a convenient time for the worker. This helps to minimise the loss of productive time to ensure your business can run at optimum capacity. It enables staff to take the course individually rather than losing your whole team for a day.

  1. Learning at a suitable pace

While our Introduction To HACCP Level 2 training course lasts around 80 minutes, learners can work at a pace to suit them. Online training means that workers can proceed comfortably and ensure full understanding without rushing.

  1. Cost-effective learning

Online training is competitively priced. At just £35 per licence, it makes it easier for companies to budget for training and provide training for staff with ease.

Would you like to find out more about the benefits of our online HACCP training UK? Then get in touch with CaterSafe Consultants by calling 01233 822 201. Alternatively, you can buy your HACCP online course here.




HACCP Courses

HACCP Courses

One of the fundamental ways that businesses within the food industry manage food safety and hygiene is through HACCP. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It is a system that follows certain principles in managing food safety hazards. In order to use HACCP effectively, training is often required through HACCP courses. At Catersafe Consultants we provide online training and HACCP course to help you manage food safety.

What is HACCP?

With all the processes in place to run your food business, it is essential to take a detailed look at each step to identify if there are any risks for food hygiene and food safety. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point allow you to examine all the steps in each process closely. You can then identify any potential aspects which could go wrong and impact food safety.

Once you have an overview of processes, you can begin to identify critical control points. These are the exact points which your organisation needs to prioritise for the sake of food safety. Within these critical control points, you can then work towards removing and limiting any risks to help make your processes as safe as possible.

By following HACCP, you should be recording your plan and findings to see whether your procedures are working. HACCP records provide invaluable evidence for audits and inspections. Your documents can show that your business prioritises food safety.

HACCP Courses

At Catersafe Consultants our introduction the HACCP Level Two course is online training you can do anywhere. The 80-minute course will go through the vital terminology that you need to know. It will then help you to identify and analyse hazards. Furthermore, it will help you to understand where your critical control points lie.

Improve food safety with HACCP courses

Keep your business compliant and as safe as possible with our HACCP training. Sign up for the course here or call the team on 01233 822 201 if you have any questions.