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What Are Food Poisoning Allegations?

Every year, around one million people in the UK suffer from a food-borne illness. While food-borne illnesses can originate from almost anywhere, most people will assume the perpetrator, often assuming it is the last meal they ate. This can be a significant problem if a customer believes their food poisoning originated from your business. Food poisoning allegations can threaten businesses and livelihoods. If you receive a food poisoning allegation, you need to act fast.

Why You Need To Act On Food Poisoning Allegations

A good reputation can take years to establish but can be instantly destroyed by an allegation. While you may refuse to believe the problem came from your kitchen, your customers are unwell and you need to take the matter seriously.

While it may be incredibly stressful, how you handle a food poisoning allegation can show your customers how much you care and are committed to excellent service and hygiene. In fact, how you handle an allegation can not only restore a reputation but also improve it.

How CaterSafe Can Help

We know how time-consuming and stressful a food poisoning allegation can be. However, with our support you do not have to navigate the process alone. As a result, CaterSafe Consultants are here to help you in whichever way you need. Our team can;

  • Liaise with complainants, helping to rectify the situation
  • Correspond with Environmental Health Officers
  • Submit samples for scientific analysis
  • Implement training and processes to avoid situations occuring again.
  • Conduct regularly audits for businesses and their food safety management system.

To make sure your team have a robust food management system in place and the support you need should an allegation occur, CaterSafe are here to help. Furthermore, we work as your food safety partner, offering audits, best practice implementation and allegation management.

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