If an allegation is ever made that food purchased from your business made someone unwell, you must promptly, take the matter seriously, and deal with it in a professional manner. We realize that responding to a food poisoning incident can be an incredibly stressful experience, placing additional pressures and demands upon your time, energy and resources. The impact this may have upon your business can be potentially disastrous. Good reputations, that may have taken years of hard work to establish, can be destroyed overnight if the matter is not dealt with correctly.

However, you don’t need to feel alone and vulnerable, CaterSafe is able to help and support you through the whole process. Our service includes corresponding with complainants, liaising with Environmental Health officials, submitting food samples for independent scientific analysis, etc.

Unfortunately we live in an increasingly litigious society, and even successful businesses will attract negative publicity when embroiled in a food poisoning allegation, whatever its legitimacy. You will have a sturdy defense if you are employing CaterSafe as your food safety partner.

We offer this particular service exclusively to those businesses that have a professionally developed food safety management system which is fully documented and regularly audited by CaterSafe.

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