Induction and Awareness Training

As you employ new staff, you may not have the necessary time to give your new staff a rigorous induction. Induction training is imperative for new employees, but equally, the content of which, can be very useful for existing staff members, – as it is a good way to refresh their knowledge and remind them of the procedures they must follow. A good induction sets the foundation on which to build. It has been recognised, that staff that do not have a good or well prepared induction, in most cases need to be looked after a lot more and consequently take up more of a manager’s time.

CaterSafe Consultants can assist you in this induction process, and provide induction and awareness training for your new and existing members of staff.  We tailor this training around you and your specific organisational requirements. Not only can we deliver this training on your behalf, but we can create a variety of training resources particular to you and your business, supporting you in the induction process.

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